However, if you receive an invitation that we really do not want to decline, then it becomes essential to explain very clearly the limitationsto which the celiac must comply, as well as all the rules to follow in the kitchen to prevent gluten free dishes from being contaminated, thus frustrating the efforts of those who have worked so hard for us. Do not be afraid to repeat until the exhaustion the fundamental rules to follow: Christmas is indeed a day of great euphoria and, without wanting it, this could lead to “mistakes” that would ruin the day both to the celiac, which, indirectly, also to the other guests.

If you are familiar with those who invited you for lunch or dinner, a rather simple solution could then be to bring home their dishes : explain what are the risks involved in eating something containing gluten, or even contaminated; then go on to list all the small gestures that should be taken care of, and finally offer to bring your dishes from home. We are sure that, including the situation, no one will be offended by this.

Finally, if we decide to spend the Christmas holidays away from home, the best choice is to rely on structures certified by the Italian Celiac Association, specialized in serving dishes suitable for those who follow a gluten-free diet.

Those who host a celiac in the house, must be carefully informed about the rules to be followed in the kitchen: it is essential to thoroughly wash hands, worktops, pots, utensils and cutting boards before moving on to the preparation of gluten-free dishes; keep food well separated and carefully choose the ingredients. After this first obstacle, know that, although there are foods banned from the diet of celiacs, it is still possible to study a special menu,  tasty and varied. The advice is therefore to prepare a whole gluten free meal, so as to reduce the risk of contamination and not go crazy by preparing different dishes.

As for example appetizers , you can opt for cheese and sausage platters (for coeliacs only raw ham though!), Or prepare skewers of fruit and cheese, both naturally gluten-free. Then go free to the fish and especially the delicious seafood salads, typical of the party menu. As for the first ones , you will have to opt for a gluten-free pasta, or prepare delicious recipes based on rice. The latter , on the contrary, really allow you to go wild with ingredients and preparations: perfect are in fact both meat and fish, accompanied by side dishessuch as vegetables, potatoes or refreshing salads, such as that based on oranges, lentils and pomegranate. Finally, prepare one of the many gluten-free Christmas sweets , such as muffins and biscuits made from rice flour.